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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Chocolate Orange

Much mocked at the time David Cameron's call for WH Smith to stop asking all customers at the point of purchase whether they would like to buy a half price Chocolate Orange really struck a chord with me .

Putting aside the public health issues of the problems of obesity I am fully behind this because it's so incredibly irritating.

For a time it did appear that Smith's had stopped, although they were flogging different sweets in the same manner. I popped in to buy a paper today and sadly I was offered a half price Chocolate Orange. The first time for ages. I resisted the urge to say to the assistant "No, if i had wanted one I would have brought one to the counter - I have a mind of my own you know" and made do with a simple, no thank you.

Personally I now try and avoid using Smith's and am thinking of getting a badge. Something along the lines, please don't try and sell me sweets I didn't ask for.

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