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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Quote of the Day

"This week, Friends of the Earth said that the Chancellors' record on climate change had been "woefully inadequate". Will he confirm that carbon emissions are higher than when he took office and that the share of taxes collected by green taxes has fallen? Today's increase in air passenger duty should have replaced other taxes and not added to them. It proves that the right hon. Gentleman is more interested in raising taxes than in cutting pollution." George Osbourne


  • The Chancellor takes great pleasure in taxing the population.. as always i reckon..

    By Anonymous Tejus, at 2:20 am  

  • Well quite, it's a nonsense tax rise anyway - it won't make any real difference (unless it's followed by further rises) in the amount of flying but gives the newspapers enough to write the story they want.

    By Blogger Modern Conservative, at 11:12 pm  

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