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Monday, December 11, 2006

DC Reminds Doubting Tories Why He's On Their Side

Stephen Shakespeare of YouGov was on "The Ideas Program" on 18 Doughty Street a couple of weeks ago. He pointed out that while David Cameron has successfully connected with floating voters who switch parties he needed to pay more attention to about 10% of voters who float not between parties but between voting Conservative and not voting at all.

Today's Daily Mail interview and the strong emphasis placed on marriage in welcoming the Social Justice Policy Commission's report can be seen in this context.

Marriage and indeed the whole notion of one family structure being better than another is an area that the Labour Party is too PC to enter. It is an issue however that could motivate the doubting Tory 10 percent without scaring off the floating voters DC has just attracted from the other side. I wouldn't go as far as to call it as a wedge issue like say gay marriage in the States but marriage in the UK could well have a more gentle and just as useful effect as it reminds more traditional Conservatives why this is their movement as well.

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