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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Priority List Cull

Conservativehome, the Daily Mail and indeed Francis Maude on the last Challenge the Chairman podcast agree that the Priority List is about to have some names removed. The candidates that are to be removed are those that are showing insufficient commitment and not applying for enough seats.

This has generally been welcomed even if the glee some of the posters on CH are showing does seem slightly distasteful.

The removal must be done sensitively and carefully. Goodness knows if there is one thing that's going to irritate people more than failing to get on the Priory list then it is being booted off it. So lets hope that;

Conservativehome doesn't publish the names

There will be many and diverse reasons of family and work commitments why A Lister's haven't been able to apply for seats. In the vast majority of cases they will be good reasons and personal ones . The candidates don't need or deserve the blogosphere picking over them

For candidates on the list aren't in the position to apply for seats at the moment so are getting removed that;

When they're circumstances change and they can commit to the list it's made clear they will be able to reapply - without prejudice.

We don't want to lose good potential candidates forever because for instance they have recently suffered a bereavement or launched a business and can't commit for a time. Finally that

The quotas remain the same

The point of the priority list is to get women and BME candidates into a place where they have a fair crack at being selected. If the quotas of these candidates is messed up then further top ups must address it.

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