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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Harriet's Blog

Harriet Harman has a blog - it's pod went pop new (she's only posted four times) so I'm sure she is still finding her feet.

However the political nerd inside me did feel compelled to correct her on some factual inaccuracies in her Hillary Clinton post (who incidentally is "to be presented as America’s Margaret Thatcher"according to the Sunday Times). Ms Harman, the current Minister of State for Constitutional Affairs wrote:

"Great news that Hillary Clinton is going for the White House. She’s the first woman Democrat to go for the Presidency. It is certain now, that the Republicans will go for a woman vice-presidential candidate."

I don't think either of those statements are actually accurate are they? I've posted this in her comments.

Hmmmm when you say “She’s the first woman Democrat to go for the Presidency.” that's not quite right is it. Obviously she hasn’t won the nomination yet so what you are saying is that she is the first woman to enter the primaries. Hillary certainly isn’t the first woman to do that.
Carol Moseley Braun was a candidate in 2004 (admittedly dropping out before the Iowa caucuses but Clinton hasn’t got that far yet either) - going further back there are many other examples - including Elenor Roosevelt no less and Ellen McCormack (in 1976) who was sufficiently in contention to qualify for Secret Service protection (according to Wikipedia).

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and your back in the room...

After a longer than intended hiatus my Intenet access is now fixed and I am able to blog again!

Obviously if I had any readers you all stopped checking to see if i had posted weeks ago so it's pretty much back to square on- never mind i guess - so Happy New Year!