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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nine Possible Mayors

Not sure about Mike Read it would be difficult for him to escape his minor celeb bufoon image,

Councillor Victoria Borwick

and Councillor Warwick Lightfoot don't get me excited,

Andrew Boff had potential although I'm not sure he's still intending to enter the contest,

Richard Barnes is clearly a serious candidate but lacks the X factor

and "abolish the Mayor" Lee Rotheram is surely only for those who prefer the Conservatives to have a completely antediluvian image.

Winston McKenzie managed to announce his intention to run and in spite being black and the brother of former boxing star Duke - ConservativeHome didn't notice - so maybe needs better PR and as he is a former Veritas member won't be getting my vote.

A further black candidate 69-year-old Councillor Lurline Champagnie might be a touch elderly to present the image we're really looking for.

The candidate that I'm most excited about. The one that I'm most likely to get out there and campaign for. The one that to be honest hasn't really got going yet (but surely will soon) yes it's the surprisingly tall Nick Boles.

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  • Rotherham for mayor.

    The majority of the public think they pay too much tax and that the gov't spends too much of their money. However, they also think that the Tories can't change things. Lee would rock these perceptions. Lee for Mayor.

    By Blogger Praguetory, at 10:54 am  

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